Beating the Artist Block

Sharing some of my recent failed attempts at overcoming the ‘disease’ that I’m suffering from for years now.


Nothing Special

Blogging again after a really, really long time. Guess I was too busy with “work”! Didn’t have anything particular to say anyway.

It’s around 11 PM here now. Hot weather (kinda) but bearable. There was a mild earthquake yesterday. Didn’t really feel it though! Too mild.

By the way, I joined somewhere nice for a PhD. Finally! First semester of coursework over now. Things are going okayish. Hopefully.

I have been spending a lot of time at the library lately. Exploring all kinds of books. You name it! I run into something awesome almost everyday.

Life as a PhD student is fun. But it’s easy to get bored and disoriented. Things get pretty monotonous sometimes. And that’s bad. Very bad.

I’ll share stuff with you more often from now on. There’s usually a lot to say. I’ll not bore you though. See you soon then. Sayonara!

Chladni Figures 

This video is a part (preview) of an all new BBC Four series called “Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics” by Dr Helen Czerski. She is a physicist-cum-oceanographer and a brilliant science communicator. 
Learn more about this wonderful series here:
PS: The Chladni experiments were originally done by rubbing a violin bow along the edges of the metallic plate. A really crude way of doing things!

Letters from Tachyon: Part I


I’m playing a hunch here. Maybe you’ll get my message someday. Maybe. And when you do, I want you to listen. You may not know me, but I know you very well.

Let me introduce myself. People know me by different names. Most of you call me “Tachyon”. (Uncle Feinberg used to call me that!) My brothers call me by a different name. But I like “Tachyon”. It means “swift, quick, fast, rapid”.

I can safely assume you know “Photon”. He’s “light”, my beloved brother (actually, the eldest of all). He’s fast. He’s speed! But that’s just in your world. In ours, I am the champion—always moving faster than light! *chuckles*

I feel lonely out here. So I’m writing. My brothers are loving and caring. But I need friends. New friends. Brother particles have “friends” in your world. I, too, like befriending people. But I’m different—readily scorned by all as “hypothetical”.

Anyway, let me tell you how my world is. It’s a lot different from yours. Your world has an ultimate speed limit (set by my brother, “light”), which is c = 299 792 458 m / s. No information can be sent faster than this. But for a moment, imagine that it could be done.

The whole world would be different then. You’d have: bullets hitting birds before they’re actually fired; crops ready before the seeds’re sown; dogs dying before they’re born, and so on. This is my world, where effects precede cause!

Cool, right?! Strange though… I have a lot more to say. But I need to go now. My brothers have returned from their trip. More in store for you the next time. I’ll keep you posted!

Yours particularly,