Chladni Figures 

This video is a part (preview) of an all new BBC Four series called “Sound Waves: The Symphony of Physics” by Dr Helen Czerski. She is a physicist-cum-oceanographer and a brilliant science communicator. 
Learn more about this wonderful series here:
PS: The Chladni experiments were originally done by rubbing a violin bow along the edges of the metallic plate. A really crude way of doing things!


Letters from Tachyon: Part I



I’m playing a hunch here. Maybe you’ll get my message someday. Maybe . . . And when you do, I want you to listen. You may not know me, but I know you very well!

Let me introduce myself. People know me by different names. Most of you call me “Tachyon”. (Uncle Feinberg used to call me that . . . bet you know Gerald Feinberg!) My brothers call me by a different name. But I like “Tachyon”. It means “swift, quick, fast, rapid”! . . . I can safely assume you know “Photon”. He’s “light”, my beloved brother (actually, the eldest of all)! He’s fast and furious; he’s SPEED! But that’s just in your world. In ours, I am the champion—always moving faster than light! *chuckle*

I feel lonely out here. So I’m writing. My brothers are loving and caring. But . . . I need friends: new friends! Brother particles have “friends” in your world. I, too, like befriending people; but I’m different—readily scorned by all as “hypothetical”! * sigh* Maybe you’ll listen. Maybe you’ll be my FRIEND . . .

OK. I’ll tell you how my world is. It’s a lot different from yours. Your world has an ultimate speed limit (set by my brother, “light”), which is c = 299 792 458 m / s. No information can be sent faster than this. But for a moment, imagine that it could be done. Then, the whole world would be different . . . You’d have: bullets hitting birds before they’re actually fired; crops ready before the seeds’re sown; dogs dying before they’re born, and so on. This is my world, where effects precede cause! *gasp*

Ain’t it cool? Awkward . . . I have a lot to say. But I need to go now. My brothers have returned from their trip. More in store for you the next time. I’ll keep you posted.

Yours particularly,


Freedom: The Countdown Begins

Finally, I’m free. Free to think. Free to learn. Free to create.

Winter Break. Aha! 2015 is almost over. I think I didn’t do particularly good this year. Everything was pretty messed up!

So 2016 is here. Any plans/resolutions?  Yes, I have plans.

Not many though, like :

  • Learn Python
  • Learn Guitar
  • Learn \LaTeX

That’d keep me quite busy. For like a whole year!

And last but not the least, I need to blog more often. *chuckle*

Sayonara. x